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Welcome to Cherry Shares
We Welcome You to Join Us
We are NOT another typical HYIP Program
We are a Private Investment Pool
We offer High Interest Rate on your Dollars
Check website for more information

We offer four investment plans: short-term, daily, medium-term and long-term:

Short-term allows you to invest funds with possibility of weekly interest withdrawal.
Usually we advise our new clients to start with this investment plan, since it lets people to check personally on how our project operates.
1. Interest is available for withdrawal anytime
2. ROI* 5.8% weekly

Daily Allows you to invest funds with possibility of daily interest withdrawal. For clients with sufficient funds and those with medium amounts of liquidity.
1. Interest is available for withdrawal anytime
2. ROI* 1.1% daily
3. Compounding

Medium-term this plan is in demand among investors who want to earn as much as possible in the shortest amount of time. It is extremely popular among investors who need to pay back debts or cover any mortgages or credits.
1. Interest is available for withdrawal anytime
2. ROI* 8.7% weekly

Long-term Any serious investor has to think in global terms! You will be able to make a huge profit and provide well for the rest of your life. We used to offer this plan only for a limited number of people, but recently it became incredibly popular because of financial crisis. Probably soon we will have to quit accepting funds from our new users, keeping it only to those who invest with us for a long time.
1. ROI* 9.9% weekly COMPOUNDED***

Check us out and join for Free!


Cherry Shares (Private Investment Pool) is Brooksell Universal Limited Company.

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